Minimum age

The minimum age for all our events is 18. You may be asked to show your ID upon entering.


Our events are open to all. Student ID is not required.

Ticket issues

If you can’t find your ticket or never received the confirmation email you can resolve it using this tool of our ticket provider.
DM us on Facebook or Instagram if it doesn’t work for you.

The event is sold out

In case the event is sold out your only option is our official resell partner Tixel. Buying tickets through Ticketswap or other channel is at your own risk.

Selling your ticket

You can only resell your ticket through our official resell partner Tixel. Selling your ticket through Ticketswap or other channel is not permitted.

Ticket is locked

To avoid abuse your ticket is locked until the day of the event. If you wish to sell your ticket you can do so by clicking the resell button on the download page in your ticket email.

Double your impact

Make your order sustainable by donating €1.50 when buying a ticket. We match 100% of your donations < 3